Jesus speaks of giving his body for his followers, of pouring out his blood for them (Luke 22:19-20) and they respond by arguing who should be seen as the greatest.
Jesus is speaking about the greatest act of self-sacrifice and his disciples miss the point completely.
How do you respond to the willing, self-giving, love of Jesus?

Reading: Luke 22:14-30

Questions to think about:

  • What does it mean to you that Jesus spoke about giving his body and blood “for you” (vv 19-20)? Speaking to those first followers but extending down to us.
  • In fact, the word “you” occurs 12 times (in NIV) in these verses (vv 15-20 and 26-30). What is Jesus saying to his followers, what is he saying to us?
  • His disciples responded by arguing about who should be seen as the greatest. Why do you think they did this, what was going on?