This is the start of a new series looking at the book of Colossians – a letter that Paul wrote to a church he had never visited, but a church he had heard about and was concerned about.

In the letter he demonstrates his real love and care for them, his joy in how they were following Jesus and his desire that they would not be led astray. And he starts by sharing with them how he gives thanks to God for them and how he prays for them.

An opportunity for us to think about what we should be thanking God for in the lives of others – but also how we can encourage people in their relationship with God.

Reading: Colossians 1:1-16

Questions to think about:

  • Paul had heard great things about the people in Colossae and was able to give God thanks for them. What would you thank God for in our church / your group?
  • Paul outlines his prayers for the believers (v9-16) – to know God’s will and to live worthy, fruitful lives. How much do you think that is the desire of believers today?
  • In these verses Paul was encouraging the believers. Whom could you encourage – as individuals or as a group? How are you going to do it?