Jesus encourages those who are weary and weighed down – with all sorts of pressures – to come to Him and find rest.
But then he calls on us to pick up another burden, one He wants to give us, that will be easier to carry and allow us to be part of what He is doing.
Do we want to experience His rest? Are we prepared to do what He calls us to do?

Reading: Matthew 11:28-30

Questions to think about:

  • Jesus offers rest to all who are weary and feeling down (verse 28). How do we engage with this, how do we experience this rest?
  • Jesus calls people to pick up his yoke and put it on (verse 29). What would this look like for you?
  • Jesus speaks about being “gentle and humble in heart” (verse 29). Why is knowing this important when thinking about picking up his yoke?
  • His yoke is easy, his burden is light (verse 30). But it is a yoke and a burden. Do we recognise this is part of the deal?
  • What burden is Jesus calling you to carry for him?