Peter had denied knowing Jesus and had left him at his moment of deepest need – and now Jesus takes him aside for a private conversation! How will that conversation go, how will Peter respond?
And gently, lovingly, Jesus restores Peter into a full relationship with himself and renews Peter for a life of service.
Is this something we need to receive for ourselves?

Reading: John 21:15-23

Questions to think about:

  • The first questions were about love (verses 15-17). Do we really love Jesus as he calls us to?
  • Then Jesus provides some hints as to what Peter’s future would look like as a follower of Jesus. How do you think Peter would have thought about this?
  • Then Jesus repeats the call of three years earlier to “follow him”. How much more do you think the call and the response would have meant this time?
  • Peter’s relationship with Jesus was restored, his call to follow was renewed. Do you need either of these today?
  • What new experience of Jesus do you need so you can be fully engaged in ministry again?