As the risen Jesus meets his followers, his disciples, he commands them to go and make disciples.
They are disciples, their job is to make more!
Are you “just” a believer in Jesus, are you trying to be “a disciple”, or are you committed to working to make more disciples? Which do you think Jesus is calling you to be, how are you going to respond?
How are you going to be involved in “disciple-making” this week?

Reading: Matthew 28:16-20

Questions to think about:

  • Verse 16 reminds us that there were “only eleven” disciples left after the betrayal and death of Judas. Why do some people, even today, turn away from following Jesus?
  • Verse 17 tells us that even as they saw and worshipped Jesus, some doubted or hesitated. What can cause us to hesitate in coming to God in worship?
  • Jesus comes to them (verse 18), explains that he has total authority and power and, based on that, commands them to go and make disciples. What would they have understood him to mean?
  • In verse 19, Jesus talks about the scope of the job – to reach all nations. How can we be part of that today?
  • Jesus explains that as part of making disciples, they were to baptise and to teach obedience (verses 19-20). What do these two signify, why are they important, in what way are they challenging today?
  • Jesus promises to these “disciple-making disciples” that he would be with them always (verse 20). How should this encourage us and motivate us?

Further application:

Think about someone who has helped you on your journey with Jesus. They were a disciple helping you to be a disciple!

  • What things do you remember them helping you with?
  • Could you thank them personally this week?
  • Take a few minutes to thank God for them and what they showed you.
  • Who could you help in the same way?