Sermons from October 2020

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John 8:2-11 ‘Then neither do I condemn you’


This is a well know passage where the authorities was trying to trap Jesus as they brought a woman who was an adulteress to be stoned for her sin, we are reminded that it is difficult not to commit sin. Jesus ultimately forgave her. You can listen to Bev’s sermon by tapping the link below: […]

1 Peter 5:5–11 becoming more humble


Esme led the service and the service was themed on becoming more Humble. The reading came from 1 Peter 5:5–11. Esme looked at 6 points to indicate how you can become more humble. You can listen to the sermon and listen about the 6 points by tapping the link below:

Deuteronomy 26:1-4 & 8-11 and Thessalonians 5:12-19


There were two talks. The readings came from Deuteronomy 26:1-4 & 8-11 and Bev spoke about Harvest, the second reading was Thessalonians 5:12-19 and Bev spoke on ‘give thanks in all circumstances’ You can listen to the sermon by tapping the link below: