Sermons from February 2020

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God and the future – Ecclesisastes 11:1-6 and Hebrews 12:1-3


On Sunday morning Rev Ian Bunce led our service as we celebrated being in Tamworth for 199 years. Ian spoke on the future and looking forward and how God has been faithful to his people. His chosen reading was from Ecclesiastes 11:1-6. God does not waste what we sow, and he rewards our work and […]

God has the future in his hands – John 14:1-7


“God has the future in his hands”.  The reading was from John 14:1-7. Jesus talks to his Disciples and explains that in Heaven there are many rooms and he is preparing a place for us all. You can listen to Esme’s talk by tapping the link below:

The determined Heart – 2 Samuel 23:13-17


The sermon was entitled “The determined Heart”. The reading came from 2 Samuel 23:13-17. King David had an army of people who no one else wanted. This was also about the exploits about his men and their service to the King. You can listen to the sermon by tapping the link below:  

Transformed by Grace – Luke 19:1-10


The sermon was on Transformed by Grace. The reading came from Luke 19:1-10. Zacchaeus was a tax collector and Jesus called him down from the tree. After spending time with Jesus, he gave back more than he had taken. You can listen to Nicks sermon by tapping the link below:  

2 Kings 5:1-4 – Naaman who was healed of Leprosy


Naaman who was healed of Leprosy. He was a commander of the king of Aram. Naaman had to put aside his authority of others and recognise the authority of our great God. His wife’s servant who had great faith told him to go wash in the Jordan as the man of God had told him. […]