Sermons from May 2019

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Questions Jesus Asked


The sermon was about “Questions Jesus asked” as a young boy and his family looking for him possibly with other family members as it took Joseph and Mary a day to realise, he was in the synagogue. Luke 2:49 He also spoke about our pastoral vacancy and how we can be assured God has his […]

King of Kings – Philippians


On Sunday evening the reading was from Philippians 2: 1 -11. Nick Adams spoke to us about the King and Kingdom. He referred to Mark’s Gospel as announcing the Kingdom of God is around us, and also what kind of King Jesus is. Listed below are some questions to consider. What does it mean to […]

The Apostel Stephen


Stephen, the first Christian martyr – Acts 6:8 – 15, 7:54 – 60 What kind of pen-portrait of Stephen do we get from Acts 6 and 7? The death of Stephen unleashed violent opposition to the Gospel. But how did God use his example and testimony to promote the church’s on going mission and ministry […]