Sermons from April 2019

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The person and work of the Son


There was a moment in history when God chose to send His Son into the world to show us what He is really like. And this happened when Jesus was born, walked on this earth, was crucified and restored to life. This Son made the universe; keeps it running; will inherit it; radiates God’s glory; […]

Dead but now alive


Easter speaks of someone – Jesus, the Son of God – who was dead but is now alive. How do you respond to that story? What do you think about it? What significance does it have on your life today? Readings:(John 20:19-20; Revelation 1:12-18

Jesus cleanses the temple


Clearly Jesus is unhappy about what he sees going on in the temple – it seems as though there were barriers being put in the way of people trying to worship God. What barriers are we aware of in our lives, what barriers may we be putting in the way of others, to prevent His […]

The parable of the ten minas


A difficult and challenging story – of the kingdom of God; of a man wanting to be king; of servants, some of whom do what their master wants and at least one doesn’t, of reward; of judgment. Behind it is the idea of God’s kingdom coming to earth and His people being involved in making […]

Two blind men receive their sight


An amazing demonstration of the power of Jesus as he restores sight to two blind men. He heard them, he stopped his journey (was prepared to be interrupted), he had compassion on them, he healed them. What does this tell you about Jesus? Have you experienced his healing touch in your life? Reading: Matthew 20:29-34 […]