Sermons from February 2019

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Transformed sacrifices, not conformed copies


Paul challenges us to recognise all the great things God has done for us; to offer ourselves completely to him; to live our lives in worship to him; to not allow ourselves to follow what society expects of us but to be transformed by God’s power working in us. What would that mean to you […]

Hezekiah’s Extra Time


After being told he was going to die, King Hezekiah prayed and God granted him an extra fifteen years of life. Some of that time he used wisely, some he acted foolishly and stored up disaster for his people. How do we use the time God has given us – as individuals and as church? […]

God is … spirit


In the middle of a debate with a woman he met at a well, Jesus speaks about God being spirit and the importance of worshipping his “in spirit and truth”. Jesus is saying that everything has changed – questions about where to worship God which were so important at the time are now meaningless. What […]

Role and status of the king


A royal coronation where the king is spoken of as sitting at God’s right hand, of defeating his enemies, of living as a priest forever. Words full of hope, of promise, of security. And words that point us to Jesus as the ultimate king and the priest who offered himself and now represents us to […]

Promise of a son, a kingdom


God promised King David that he would have a son and that he would rule, his kingdom would last, forever. David’s son, Solomon, did become king – but he and his successors turned away from God and the kingdom was lost. But in Jesus, God’s kingdom will never end, it will last forever, Jesus will […]

God is … holy


What does holy mean to you? Or, how do you see God? The Bible speaks of God being holy, of being “other”. Someone totally beyond us, greater than us, different. Not a bigger or better version of us but different and separate. He is the creator, we are his creation. In Jesus, he chose to […]