Sermons from January 2019

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God is … love


God is described as being “love” – and acting towards us out of love. Actions that included sending his Son to die for us, living in us, making us more like Jesus. And because love comes from God, we can’t really love – as we were intended to love – without knowing God, believing in […]

God is … light


God is described as being “light” – not just in the sense that He is the source of light (although that is true) but in a moral sense as well. He is totally good and opposed to everything that is evil and sinful. And his people are called to live as “children of light” (John […]

Promise of offspring


Many of the prophecies – promises for the future – we find in the Old Testament are fulfilled in the person, the life, the work of Jesus and we’re going to be looking at some of these over the next few weeks. This evening – how a promise to a man called Abraham that he […]

Go and make disciples, baptising and teaching


Jesus explains that two aspects of disciple-making are baptism and teaching people to be obedient to his commands. One speaks about drawing people into a living, transforming relationship with him, the other talks about an ongoing, life-long change to the way we live. What can you do in both of these areas – in introducing […]

Go and make disciples of all nations


Our text for the year calls on us to “make disciples of all nations”. For some people that means travelling abroad to act as missionaries, for many of us it needs to change how we engage with people at home, in our communities, in our workplaces, online. In what way can you be obedient to […]