Sermons from December 2018

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Why did jesus come? – to die


Jesus makes the shocking statement that he came into the world to die. While dying is something we all expect, its not something many of us would claim is our reason for living. Why was this so important to Jesus, what did he achieve? As we prepare for Christmas – when we celebrate his birth […]

Why did Jesus come? – to bring abundant life


Readings: Psalm 23 & John 10:1-18 Questions to think about: The illustration of a Shepherd is used in the Bible to describe the way God looks after, protects and cares for people.  Can you think of a modern equivalent of a Shepherd that would describe God’s care that people today could identify with? The thief […]

Why did Jesus come? – to bring judgement


It might seem unusual to discuss judgement in the midst of our Advent celebrations. But it lies at the heart of the meaning of the incarnation. The so-called ‘paradox of revelation’ observes that in order to bring grace, it must also give offence. In order to be grace, it must uncover sin. The gospel brings […]

Why did Jesus come? – to fulfil the law


God gave laws to his people hundreds of years before Jesus was born – and there are lots of questions about what impact they should have on us today. Jesus speaks about the importance of keeping the law and how he came to fulfil it. How should we understand it, how do we apply it? […]

Why did Jesus come? – to bring division


To hear Jesus saying quite clearly that he had come to cause division between people – even close family members – would have been shocking to those who heard him, and can be shocking to us today. But behind it all, Jesus is saying that he wants to be at the centre of the lives […]

Why did Jesus come? – to do God’s will


Jesus makes it clear that he came to earth to do what his Father had sent him to do. And this includes welcoming people, keeping people safe, giving people life that will last forever. It’s wonderful to know that Jesus continues to do this today – and will forever. Do you need to meet him […]