Sermons from November 2018

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Remembrance Sunday (PM)


As we remember on this Remembrance Sunday, its good to see how God “remembers” in the Bible. And to see what this tells us about his faithfulness, his goodness towards his people, his willingness to forgive. Let’s take his example, remember those who are in need or struggling and seek to bring comfort and help. […]

Remembrance Sunday (AM)


As we reflect on the reality and horror of war, as we remember those who gave everything and those who still give of themselves, as we remember those who suffer – we also look to Jesus who came to bring peace and pray for that peace to come. Reading: John 14:23-27

The world and our place in it


What do we think about God, how do we pray, what do we think about ourselves? Key questions as we try and work out who we are and how we fit into the world we live in. Using the story of Isaiah having a life-changing vision of God, as well as some of the challenges […]

The cost of being a disciple


Jesus talks to individuals, and a crowd, and makes it clear that following him carries a cost. It involves commitment, it means being prepared to suffer for him, it means putting him first. Not something that comes naturally to us – but it is the way of fully entering into what Jesus wants for us. […]