Sermons from October 2018

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Value before price


Jesus speaks about the value of being in a meaningful relationship with God but recognises there is a price. And at least one of the people He spoke to found the price was too high and turned away. Do we really recognise the value of knowing God and can we communicate that to others? Or […]

Carrying the yoke of Jesus


Jesus encourages those who are weary and weighed down – with all sorts of pressures – to come to Him and find rest. But then he calls on us to pick up another burden, one He wants to give us, that will be easier to carry and allow us to be part of what He […]

Putting Jesus first


Have you ever found that someone you introduced to something – a hobby, a sport, a job – ended up being so much better than you at it? And, if so, how did you feel about it? This was the position John found himself in as Jesus – whom he had baptised and who had […]

Grace and truth


Jesus is described as being “full of grace and truth” (John 1:14). Which of these do we emphasise, which of these do we lead with, when dealing with others? Do we find it to be easy to be gracious but steer away from telling someone truth they might need to hear? Or do we tell […]

Doing and teaching


Jesus is spoken of as “doing and teaching” (Acts 1:1) in that order. We can focus on speaking, on teaching, on saying what should be done – but how well do we demonstrate this in our lives, how much do we show people what living as a follower of Jesus is really like, how much […]

CAP Sunday


Speaking up for those who are ignored, defending those in need, giving what we have to help others. Not a political manifesto but the call of a God who is on the side of the oppressed. How are we going to respond, how are we going to act, how are we going to demonstrate love? […]