Sermons from June 2018

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Living holy, loving and generous lives


Paul refers to those who are following Jesus as “dearly loved children” and “children of light”. And he goes on to talk about how these people should live. Do you know the deep love of God, have you received his light? And, if so, does this affect how you live each day? Reading: Ephesians 5:1-20 […]

Praying to God


From the depths of the sea, from the depths of despair, Jonah prays and calls out to God. What did he say, what would you have said, what could you say to God from the situation you are in?

Running away from God


The story of Jonah is well known to many: he runs away, he is thrown into the sea, he is swallowed by a big fish; three days later he is thrown out onto the shore; he goes and does what he should have done in the first place. But what does this first chapter – […]

Living as new people


Paul compares the attitudes and actions of those who don’t yet know Jesus with those who have chosen to follow Him. He speaks about the deceitfulness of our “old natures” and the goal of becoming more like God, living righteous and holy lives. And he lists a set of things to avoid doing because of […]

Focus on communion


In verse 26 Paul reminds us that when we share bread and wine together we are telling each other that Jesus died. But he also reminds us that one day Jesus will return and we won’t need to remember him in this way any longer. How do these two realities – one in the past […]

Resist, stand firm, commit ourselves to God


The final installment in our series on spiritual warfare – with a reminder to be aware that the devil is real and “on the prowl”, a call to stand firm and resist, the need to commit ourselves humbly and completely to God. How will we respond – how will we engage in the spiritual battle […]