Sermons from March 2018

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Two agendas


In the few days between his triumphal entry into Jerusalem and his death on the cross; Jesus engages in debate, challenge, criticism and praise. Those opposed to him try and come up with the best way of getting rid of him. And over a meal in Bethany we are challenged to think about how much […]

Two disciples on Palm Sunday


Jesus sends two of his followers to get a donkey, he rides into Jerusalem to a rapturous welcome, and then he slips out again unnoticed. They had done what Jesus commanded them to do but they may have been left wondering what it was all for, what did it mean? Are we simply prepared to […]

The glorified Jesus and his people


In the last of our series looking at visions in the Bible we turn to the last book of the Bible where we see a vision of the risen and glorified Jesus being given to one of his followers. And this leads on to key messages, challenges and encouragement to the church as to how […]

Relating to the Spirit


The Holy Spirit is someone whom we can struggle to understand – but he was sent to help us understand Jesus better, set us free from sin, empower us for life, be God living in us, help us know that we are daughters and sons of God. He also comes to challenge us in the […]

Focus on communion


Jesus speaks of giving his body for his followers, of pouring out his blood for them (Luke 22:19-20) and they respond by arguing who should be seen as the greatest. Jesus is speaking about the greatest act of self-sacrifice and his disciples miss the point completely. How do you respond to the willing, self-giving, love […]

Changing the rules


As the early church Christians move out with the news of the Gospel, they faced serious limitations in their engagement. Were they supposed to reach mainly Jews, or was the good new of Jesus Christ also meant for Gentiles? In Acts 10 faces this issue head on. And everything changed, in both the locus and […]