Sermons from September 2017

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Calling for, and instruction in, mission


Jesus called his closest followers, gave them power and some very specific instructions and sent them out to do a job. It was challenging, it was exciting, they didn’t know what to expect – but they were prepared to go. As followers of Jesus are we prepared to listen to him, to receive his power, […]

Going with authority


On the recent trip to Ukraine, we were reminded of the way God can bring real blessing through ordinary people who are prepared to be obedient to him. In Matthew’s Gospel Jesus sent his followers out to proclaim the good news about God’s kingdom and to bless the people they met. A different place, a […]

Journeying with Barnabas and Saul


Saul’s life was totally changed after meeting with Jesus – but he wasn’t accepted by other believers who feared and mistrusted him. It took Barnabas to come alongside him, to speak for him to the others and to help him become accepted. Are we prepared to do that for those who are on “the outside”? […]

Journeying with Naomi and Ruth


We’ll be looking at the story of Naomi and Ruth – and how Ruth was determined to stay with and support her mother-in-law even when Naomi tried to send her away. Ruth was a real encouragement to her through times of real hardship and loss and can be an example to us all. And as […]