Sermons from June 2017

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People who proclaim the Gospel of Christ


God repeatedly brings good news into the world as He reaches out to rescue and restore his people. He has done this in many ways and, particularly, by sending his own son, Jesus, into the world to deliver this good news in person. And he calls people like us to join with him in telling […]



This morning we have the privilege of baptising someone who has been met by Jesus, who has committed her life to Jesus and wants to demonstrate that publicly in baptism. It’s a great privilege to do but it also raises questions for all of us. Are we prepared to be committed followers, disciples, of Jesus? […]

People who bear witness to the living God


We continue our reflections on the Church’s Mission, using Christopher Wright’s excellent book The Mission of God’s People: a Biblical Theology of the Church’s Mission, and three key passages of scripture: Isaiah 43:8 – 11, Luke 24:45 – 49, and Acts 1:1 – 8. One of the opening verses of the Bible states God said: […]

People who know the one living God and Saviour


Over the next few weeks we’re going to be thinking about what it means to be God’s people and what He calls us to do. Something that many of us have a good understanding of but we’ll be exploring it again and seeing something of what it means. This evening we’ll be looking at two […]

Paraclesis – Comfort

On their way into the Temple to pray Peter and John saw a lame man begging. Instead of ignoring him and moving on they stopped, spoke with him, connected with him. While they couldn’t help with the problem he was focused on (they didn’t have any money to give him) they were able to help […]