Sermons from May 2017

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Paraclesis – Healing & finding comfort


Why do God’s people – even when living in good relationship with each other and with God – sometimes find themselves suffering and going through a lot of pain? Here Peter reminds us that we should expect it and it may not be because of anything we have done wrong. But he also speaks about […]

Paraclesis – Healing


Today’s teaching is looking at the ways in which life can wound our spirits, and how sometimes a physical illness can have an underlying spiritual cause. “Strong in the broken places” shows how healing our spiritual wounds can help us journey with others bringing comfort, strength and healing to those who are suffering the pain […]

Paraclesis – Living in God’s Wisdom


Paraclesis Week 5 – sermon notesPaul speaks about us living in an evil world and the need to be very careful about how we live – not foolishly but wisely. Do we recognise this description, do we experience the challenge of making wise choices? And, if so, do we recognise the need for God’s wisdom […]

Paraclesis – Living

We are faced with life choices every day – many of them trivial but some really important. How do we make the important decisions about life, how do we choose what we should do, how do we help others who are struggling with the same questions? In today’s story, Jesus meets a man who had […]

Telling the good news about Jesus


Jesus had said that after the Holy Spirit came upon his disciples they would be witnesses in Jerusalem and in all Judea and Samaria, to the ends of the earth. In many senses that is a summary of the content of the book of Acts. As the word spread beyond Jerusalem to Judea and then […]

Paraclesis – The importance of companionship


This evening we’re continuing with the theme of journeying and thinking about the real value in having people to share life with in all of its ups and downs.. Are we prepared to be supportive companions to each other, are we prepared to help carry each other’s burdens? Reading: Ecclesiastes 4:7-12  

Paraclesis – Journeying

Each of us have experienced many different things in our life – and those experiences can be a gift that we can share with others as they go through similar things. Is this a gift we are willing to offer to people in our church and beyond? In our story today we read of a […]