Sermons from January 2017

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Wisdom Literature – Job


This story – of a righteous man who lost everything and suffered terribly for no seeming fault of his own – raises all sorts of questions: why do bad things happen to good people; where is God through suffering; why does God allow it to happen? But it also raises questions about who we are […]

Colossians – Paul’s heart for the church


In this passage Paul speaks about “a mystery” – something that had been kept hidden for many years but had now been revealed to the people. And this mystery was the amazing reality that Jesus Christ had come, not just to the world but to live in people’s lives and that this was a guarantee […]

Colossians – The Supremacy of Jesus


In this passage we are presented with many different aspects of the supremacy of Jesus: the Son who shows us what God is like; the one who is supreme over all creation; the one who is the head of the church; the only one who could draw us back into relationship with God. The scope […]

Introduction to Wisdom Literature


In our evening services for the next few weeks we will be thinking about the “Wisdom Literature” – Job, Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, Song of Songs – and asking ourselves what they tell us about God, their insight into some of the challenges of life and how we can apply them in the situations we find […]

Colossians – Thanksgiving and prayer


This is the start of a new series looking at the book of Colossians – a letter that Paul wrote to a church he had never visited, but a church he had heard about and was concerned about. In the letter he demonstrates his real love and care for them, his joy in how they […]

Sent and sending


The crucified and risen Jesus appears to his frightened and confused followers and speaks words of peace and blessing – there is no need to be afraid as they follow the One who has even defeated death. And then he invites them to be part of his ongoing mission to bring light and hope and […]