Sermons from December 2016

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Advent – the promise of a Lord


During our Carol Service, we will remind ourselves – through reading and song – of the one God promised to send into the world. And it’s good to take that opportunity, with everything else that is going on around us, to reflect on the significance of that event. An event that happened over 2,000 years […]

Advent – the promise of a King


This is the final message in of our series on the promises of Christmas. There are many references to the coming of a great king in the Bible. In Jeremiah 23 we read about the coming of king in David’s line, one who would reign wisely and who would be called The Lord of Righteousness. […]

Advent – the promise of a saviour


God has worked to save people in many different ways – from oppression, from enemies, from death – but he also promises that he will send a saviour, that he will send himself to save in a unique and powerful way. And as the people wait for this promise to come true an angel is […]

Advent – the promise of a servant


God called many people to be his servants, to take on particular jobs for him, to have specific roles – but he also promised to send a special servant, one who would do more than any of the others, one who would bring God’s light and blessing and good news to all. And one day […]

Advent – the promise of a priest


The ancient kings of Israel had a “priestly role” – to be God’s representative to the people, to pray for them, to bless them – but Jesus takes that to a higher level. Not only is he going to be a priest, he replaces the need for the entire priestly system. And he can do […]