Sermons from November 2016

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Advent – the promise of a Messiah


Many people had been given a role by God – to be a blessing to the nations, to lead the people, to show what it meant to live as sons and daughters of God. And some had done well, some had done badly, but none of them had been able to fully live up to […]

Advent – the promise of a prophet


Recognising that he wouldn’t be able to lead the people forever, Moses promised that God would raise up another prophet to lead them and to speak God’s word to them. And God did raise up many prophets and they spoke God’s word. But there was always something missing, something that the people were still waiting […]

2 Thessalonians – The need for prayer, work and obedience


Our need for inclusive prayer, active work and constant obedience in the Lord. In this last look at 2 Thessalonians we consider the importance which Paul placed on the prayers of other Christians for his protection and for the advancement of the gospel in which he and his readers were engaged. In that work Paul […]

Living to please God – offering ourselves sacrificially to God


In the opening verse of this chapter Paul explains what true, appropriate, living worship of God involves – willingly offering ourselves completely to God in every aspect of our lives; and living lives that are completely set apart for Him and for His service. Easy words but incredibly difficult to put into practice. But as […]

Living to please God – being people of faith


Being people of faith asks much of us. It calls us to believe in, to commit to, things we can’t see simply because God says it is so. It calls us to live rightly before God so that we can offer ourselves to Him. It calls us to think about what is involved in really […]