Sermons from April 2016

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Stepping Stones – part 4 – Family life


The story continues from chapter 12 to 50 of Genesis, is concerned mainly with the family of one man, Abram, who receives the promise from God that his descendants will be like the dust of the ground and the stars of the sky, too numerous to count.  The sermon in two parts, provides a whistle […]

God, the Bible and Us – part 3 – God, the Father


We continue in our series under the title ‘God, the Bible and us, as we look at the nature and work of God the Father, based on a reading in 1 John 4:7-15. In response to recent startling revelations as to who his real father was, and asked why he seemed so calm and unruffled […]

Stepping Stones – part 3 – Consequences


When God placed the man and woman in the garden of Eden there was one thing He told the man that he couldn’t eat – fruit from the “tree of the knowledge of good and evil” (Gen 2:17). But we see in Genesis 3 that they disobeyed God, sin entered into the world, God’s good creation […]

God, the Bible and Us – part 2 – God, the Trinity


This morning we start to look at “the author” of the big story we thought about a couple of weeks ago – the person that the Bible speaks about as God. And we each will have our own ideas about who God is (assuming we believe that such a person exists) but I wonder how […]

Stepping Stones – part 2 – Beginnings


This evening we are looking at the first stories in the Bible: how it all started, the beginning of everything. Or, actually, the beginning of what God has made and what He has told us – God, Himself, has always been there. We’ll think briefly about how these stories relates to our scientific understanding and […]

Stepping Stones – part 1 – Introduction


As we begin our new evening series looking at the story of the whole Bible we prepare ourselves this week by looking at some of the things we might need to know. Ephesians, Ecclesiastes and Exodus are linked together in our single story, and the prophets bring huge clarity to the words of the New […]