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We have received the following message from our friends in Ukraine:

An update from our friends in Ukraine:

“Peace be upon you. Thank God! Now God uses churches in a special way to help people who are suffering. Our church receives people from the east of Ukraine every day. We feed them, provide them with accommodation and then transport them by bus to the west and to the border. Now more than ever, people feel that God cares for them through the churches. I can’t say anything about Korsunka now, because we are overwhelmed with things in Talne. But we will definitely collect social packages for them and visit them.” “People are very open to the gospel now. I don’t know about Hope Now. So far we have not received anything, but thank God that there are always people who donate and we can perform more services. Thank you for praying and grieving for us. Bless you and your families. Greet the church. We love you.”

Pastor Roma

Uploaded on the 24th March 2022



At the moment the situation is quite in Talne and Cherkassy region. We don’t have military actions here. Several times a day we have air alert, but Praise God wasn’t bombing yet in Talne. Cherkassy and Uman and some towns in our region had rocket attacks few times. Such situation is mostly in Central and West Ukraine. But north, east and south part is catastrophe. That’s can’t explain with words how people survive there.
Talne accepts refuges, many people are searching houses here and in villages. People help army, send everything they need. Olga is sewing arm bands, balaclavas and so on.
Also people help refugees with clothes, food and everything they need. As far as I know Roma’s church also receives refuges, they live on Sunday school rooms.
We don’t have many people who went to west Ukraine from Talne.
We see Valeriy and Luba in church. They ask about you every Sunday. I will remind them to check email. I suppose they forget, because we don’t have any problems with internet connection.
Thank you for praying, we rely on God. Most people believe in our victory.
I am sure we will be free the question is only when.

Uploaded on the 23rd March 2022

Thank you for praying and support
This is very big miracle of God that at the moment on this area we don’t have bombing (however regularly have air warning signals), army, and not occupied. Praise Him! We hope God will protect us from this evil. It’s enough food at the moment, people buy what has left in the shops, because deliveries stopped. People on this territory are trying to help refugees and our army, preparing, cooking and so on.
The situation is very difficult near Energodar(nuclear power station) was bombing and occupied. Kherson (near Crimea) is also occupied. Kharkiv is bombed. They are also continuing to try to take Kiev.
Uploaded on the 4th March 2022
Hope Now is making an appeal for Ukraine.

Dear Hope Now friends and family,

As you can imagine there is already so much need in Ukraine, we have brothers and sisters sheltering in cellars and enclosed halls for safety. During our prayer meeting with them on Monday the alarms sounded for yet another air raid. There were tears from both sides. To enable us to go back fully prepared we are launching our Hope Now Ukraine Relief Appeal and would ask that you seriously consider how you can help. Donations may be made by cheques or bank transfer, blankets, warm clothing, bandages and medications can be delivered to our office in Southampton for onward delivery to Ukraine. There is also a link that you can watch made by our team in Cherkassy. https://youtu.be/-itGD7CLDB8
Thank you for your love and support,

We have had an update from our Friends in Ukraine.
Praise God, we are fine. It’s quite in Talne at the moment. Sometimes we have signals air warning and need to hide in shelter, but any explosions on this territory hasn’t been reported. Cherkassy and Uman had rocket bombing. But Ukrainians are very united and help each other. We have great support from almost all countries. 147 hours of resistance. God helps us!
Thank you for your support and prayers. May God bless.
Uploaded on the 2nd February 2022

We have heard from our friends in Ukraine and they have created a Facebook page so that we can look to pray for them. They are asking for prayer and will look to update when they can.

The link for there page is just below:
Please hold the whole of Ukraine in your prayers.


Pray for UKRAINE

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future.”
                                                                                                                                        Jeremiah 29:11

Pray for Ukraine

Pray for UKRAINE








Early days at Korsunka


The Sunday School continued to thrive although it was proving very difficult to reach the adult population.

Most years a small team from Tamworth has spent a week in the village to encourage the work there.

Over time the village has depopulated and many of the children have moved on. The decision was then made to focus our efforts on the elderly in the village.

Since then many people in the village have been witnessed to. Sharing the

Gospel on the streets, through house visits and through’ Meals With a Message.’

A small house-group meets occasionally but so far there has not been the fruits we hoped for. Nevertheless the work goes on. If this enterprise is truly of God then nothing will stop it coming to fruition.

Our planned visit in 2020 was cancelled unfortunately due to the pandemic. Hopefully we will return in 2021.

Prayer Walking & Sharing the Gospel


                         Meals with a Message



Around the Village