Return to Worship

We have produced a leaflet which lists the things you need to be aware to enable you to join us in our return to worship services which will start on the 20th September. You can download our leaflet by tapping the link below:

Return to Church Leaflet

This article was published on the 28th August 2020

In line with the Government and Baptist Union guidelines we have completed a Risk Assessment on returning to Church for services and/or group activities. We have implemented the measures to make it as safe as possible for you to enter the building and participate in our service.

The leadership team will continue to review the Risk and adjust the Risk Assessment and measures once significant changes from the Government and Baptist Union have been published.

As a church we want you to be able to view what we have done and therefore have uploaded the Risk Assessment so you can make your own informed decision on when you feel it is safe for you to return to church.

Risk Assessment

This Article was published on the 25th August 2020