This page has been added since the Government (29th June) and Baptist Union (30th June) has published Guidance on Church Buildings being allowed to open. It is our intention to keep this up to date with news for the Fellowship and visitors with the measures we are putting in place.

Baptist Union latest update to the essential guide

Version 1.15: 11 August (11:15am) – Update Section 3 Confirmation of guidance regarding the use of masks which was issued by the Government on 7 August.  Update Sections 5 and 6 regarding the process to follow should a member of your congregation or visitor to your church test positive for the virus.  Addition of Appendix 7: Press Release regarding Track and Trace.

The link to download or read through is shown below:

This article was Published on the 12th August 2020

Version 9: 5 August 2020 (12:45pm) – Further clarification that we anticipate that there will be an exemption for the bride, groom and minister from wearing a face mask at a wedding.

The link to download or read through is shown below:

This article was Published on the 5th August 2020

From the 8th of August Face covering is mandatory for anyone attending Church.

On the 31st July the Baptist Union updated their guide for churches.

In England, the Government are now advising that face coverings are used by all those attending church regardless of the distancing. They will be mandatory in places of worship from 8 August. Young children and those with respiratory conditions are excluded from this as in all cases where face coverings are otherwise expected. In Wales, face masks remain optional if 2m distancing can be maintained. But as this is difficult to achieve at all times within a church building, we recommend you consider asking your congregation to use face coverings in Wales also.

This article was Published on the 1st August 2020

Church Services Wearing of Face Covering 

The Baptist Union has updated their guide In England, you must wear a face covering when attending Church Services. The extract to section 3 is shown below:

Updated Section 3. Please note that in England face coverings should be worn in a place of worship even if 2m social distancing can be maintained.

This article was Published on the 28th July 2020

Wearing of Face Covering

The Government has stated In England, you must by law wear a face covering in the following settings:

  • Public Transport
  • Shops and Supermarkets as of 24th July 2020

Guidance and exceptions can be found on their website.

This article was Published on the 15th July 2020

Return to Church Survey and Secretary Report

Today we circulated a return to church survey and a report from Bev as church secretary which included an update to the Government and Baptist Union guidance on the Coronavirus and return to congregational worship.  We have asked for the survey to be completed by the fellowship no later than the 31st July in order for the leadership team to meet on line in August to then look at planning our next steps.

This article was Published on the 10th July 2020

Church Services 

As you will be aware from media reports, the Government has lifted some restrictions on Church Services from 4th July.  The Government advice issued 29th June and the BU advice issued 30th June is being considered by the Deacons.  Now that we have the information on what is allowed and measures we need to undertake, we can begin a risk assessment to ensure all the necessary measures are in place and how these will be managed.  This is not a return to public worship, as we will need to know who is attending and numbers will need to be restricted to places available once socially distancing is taken into account.  A questionnaire is being  prepared for members of the fellowship to express their views on how and when services should resume. Some Baptist Churches have decided not to resume services until September, others are moving to resume as soon as possible. Any decision taken by TBC will take into account views of the membership.  The BU advice is available on the BU website should you wish to view this.

This article was Published on the 1st July 2020