A few years ago in Spain a man named Antonio cried out to God, “If you’re real, speak to me!” He was in an elevator on his way to a hotel room. Highly educated, at 27 years old, he had taught chemistry and maths at a Catholic school in Spain. He knew of God, but didn’t know Him personally. The bellboy helped him to his room where he found a Gideon Bible on his bed. When asked why the bible was on the bed the bellboy told him it was for those who wanted “to hear God speak to them.”

The same day Antonio accepted Jesus as his Lord and Saviour, he preached the Gospel to his entire family. In one week, 35 of his family members became believers. Along with Antonio, his family began to share the Good News with others. Within the span of a few weeks, 200 people were born again. Then Antonio began preaching in the prison in two districts in Spain and the first year 1000 inmates gave their lives to Christ.

He gradually expanded his prison outreach and today there are more than 100 “home group” churches inside prisons. Revival had begun in a spiritually dead country, where many were disillusioned with the Church and had become atheists. According to Antonio, in the last 10 years the percentage of evangelical Christians in southern Spain has risen from 1% to 8%. He is now expanding his work to Morocco, where he has contributed to the establishment of as many as 100 house churches.

Source: God Reports