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Prayer Walking – Saturday 21st May

by admin

On Saturday we are planning to spend time (from 9-10AM) walking around the Belgrave Estate and praying for the people who live there. Why are we doing this, what are we hoping to achieve? Yesterday evening, in our deacons meeting, we were reminded of the command of Jesus to his followers as they waited for […]

The power of the Gospel to change lives

by Web Manager

In an amazing story of redemption and hope, an Islamic State militant who sought to kill Christian missionaries providing aid to those displaced by the terrorist group in Jordan ended up surrendering his life after learning that relatives of his were receiving aid from Christians, who he viewed as unclean “pigs” The Muslim, whose name […]

Ladies’ Breakfast

by Web Manager

On Saturday a dozen or so of us met to share breakfast together. Although this was slightly forced upon us by the men’s breakfast being on the same date as our normal breakfast, we tackled it with good heart. As well as good food, we had time to catch up with friends and make new ones. […]